Our Goals

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Goal #1: Our Aim is to be Open, Honest and Flexible

LAYV has a willingness to adapt to fit the needs and wants of individual members and their families. Our Number “1” priority is to find creative solutions to individual problems, issues or concerns. We promise to communicate the Truth in love. We will be known by love because love is the clearest way we can show Jesus to people.

Goal #2: To Be Accessible

LAYV business of operation is year round, Monday through Friday our regular office hours will be from 8:30A.M. – 5:30P.M. Weekly programs are Saturday 5:00P.M., Sunday 8:45A.M., and 11:00A.M. Once a month we host Super Sunday from 1:00P.M. – 7:00P.M. Office hours will be extended for annual events, special events, seminars, workshops, and community outreach programs. Even with these hours our staff will be flexible, in accommodating a member who works shifts that does not fit in our operation hours.

Goal #3: Offer Purpose Drive Programs

LAYV offers a variety of programs and services that caters to differing backgrounds, preferences, and interest of teens, young adults and adults. Our programs are purpose driven. They are designed to meet the need of each potential member. Our objective is to ultimately, create a path of spiritual development that will inspire, empower, encourage, enlighten and exalt any teen who wants to serve God.

From partnering with parents to motivating teens to have a voice; we provide community programs that not only make a difference. Our programs will impact the community for a long time. We connect with the community, offering services geared to everyone, all ages within the community. Our promise is to have fun.

Goal #4: Recruit and Maintain Quality Staff

At LAYV we believe quality service exist only with quality staff. It is the staff that initially sells the program and then becomes a crucial element in the members’ choice to stay or go elsewhere. Providing proper orientation and initial training as well as continuing individual and group education are key components in developing a staff that creates high-quality programs, which in turn, attracts high-quality staff.

LAYV has a career ladder in place that establishes clear advancement steps, from bottom to top: program assistant, assistant team leader, team leader, community liaison, and site coordinator. Financial incentives are also provided for people coming in on the bottom rung and starting out at the minimum wage. They are given the opportunity to move to salaried positions, which can more than double their earnings.

Each staff member is expected to work from our eleven (11) business principles, which are key elements to providing excellent service. They include being well informed, having empathy, respecting basic rights, maintaining integrity, employing finesse, maintaining optimism, using humor, maintaining patience, developing flexibility, being nonjudgmental, and valuing the moment.

Operating on the belief that all employees are creative and capable of making an improvement, LAYV has “Paradigm Busters”, an employee-run program with complete authority to recommend, implement, monitor, and evaluate change. Overall, the program eases the tension that often arises with change, and builds common bonds within a diverse staff.

Goal #5: Serve God’s People and Provide Formal Referral Sources

LAYV focuses on market segments to determine whom we will serve and how we will customize our services. We are dedicated to using our time more efficiently by offering support groups and parenting education. Provide formal referral sources, including health care professionals, social service agencies and other community service providers. Having a clear comprehension of our market allows LAYV to tailor our messages and design programs that better meet the needs of our members and the community.

Our Promises

Communicating the Truth in love: people hearing God’s word in fresh and relevant ways.
Excellence: people honoring God by giving their very best.
Fun: people enjoying God and each other.
Servant Leadership: people leading and discipling other people.
Life change (spiritual growth): people understanding, pursuing and taking their next step toward maturity in Christ no matter where they are spiritually.
Prayer: people sharing every joy and need with God
Building Relationships: people connecting relationally and caring for one another through genuine Christian Community.
Seeker-sensitive culture: people building bridges to reach a lost and skeptical generation
Service: people using their gifts to honor God and build up the church.
Faith: people trusting God as they step out on faith and seek to cooperate with what He is up to.
Reaching lost people: people sharing and modeling their faith with others.
Worship: people experiencing God through worship.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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