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Building a Relationship is like Building a House!

Our Couples Coaching is an intensive and exclusive eight (8) week coaching program, designed for couples wanting a realistic experience in transforming their relationship into a lifelong commitment.

Sessions are grounded in Emotionally Focused Coaching (EFC), a proven evidence-based model of coaching with high rates of effectiveness.

In eight (8) Exclusive, Safe Space, Intimate, Coaching Sessions , you’ll learn new skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing your sense of shared meaning in a private, comfortable and beautiful setting.

This highly interactive coaching program will provide couples with their own Personal Relationship Aficionados.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

  • Eight – 60 Minute Intimate Coaching Sessions

  • Safe Space Environment

  • Laser Coaching (5-10 minute calls)

  • Private Email

  • Text Coaching

  • Communication Tools and Techniques

  • Customize Ground Rules

  • Sessions via Video Conference or Skype

Here Are The Results: 

  • Learn the Foundation of Your Relationship

  • Build a Stronger Connection with Your Partner

  • Discover Timeless Secrets and Principles

  • Recognize Telltale Signs within Your relationship

  • Learn Key Strategies to Strengthen Your Relationships

  • Enhance Your Ability to Resolve Conflicts

  • Put Words to Your Feelings and Thoughts

  • Build a Healthy, Happy and Rewarding Relationship

Value $2,900

Actual Cost: $899 per Couple

P. O. Box 2006, Newport News, Virginia 23609 757-243-2698 Office