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Our Aim

Our core aim as a service is…

  • To provide the understanding and ability to develop stronger relationships that will last a life time.
  • To create wider understanding of the importance of the quality of our relationships for our community and our society.
  • To increase the availability of couple-focused support so every couple can access help when they need it.
  • To provide support tailored to couples’ specific need, problems, and situations.To help couples overcome stigma and anxiety about seeking professional help for their relationship.
  • Believe in the desire for healthy relationships and teaching the necessary tools.


  • Believe in the practice of active listening, without judgment.
  • Believe in the grace of forgiveness for mistakes, without placing blame.
  • Believe in the importance of working through emotions, and give time and space to do so.
  • Help transform anger and hurt into powerful dialogues that communicate, cooperate and connect.

Value Statement

“Designed2Last” is training that enables couples to transform their relationship into a lifelong commitment.