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About Us

We want to educate couples on how to build strong healthy relationships that will last a lifetime. We’ve been together for 26 marvelous years, (married 22 of those years), we believe we have something to share. We are sharing from our experience of building our relationship and working on it every day to ensure it is a strong healthy relationship.

Why Designed2Last

Why Designed 2 Last, we believe building a strong healthy relationship is like building a house. Every relationship must have a strong foundation of commitment. Expectations are the support structure to a healthy relationship as the framing is to a house. Communication is the key to every relationship just like a roof is key to a house. Without communication a relationship will become vulnerable to conflict. The foundation (commitment) and framing (expectations) would be greatly damaged without the roof (communication), to include the flooring, doors, windows and walls. The floors, walls, windows and doors are the finish work (intimacy) and it completes a house. Intimacy is the finish work that completes a relationship.

Both retired military (Army, Lionel retired after 24 years and Kim retired after 25 years) with a passion to serve others. Our insights, coaching, and skill-building exercises are NOT based on personal opinion or theory. Our advice is backed by the research and science of successful relationships. We believe knowledge without action is worthless. The action we encourage is incremental and intentional for the healthiness and success of a relationship.  If you watch the videos, do the exercises, and follow our process – you will absolutely, positively begin to transform your relationship. If you don’t agree we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.